Regular guy; saved hard, quit my job, went travelling, returned home, loitered, booked a flight to Rio De Janeiro, left 8 hours later, had a ball, got a call, rushed home from Rio, relocated to Dubai two weeks later.


The last few years I've been travelling on and off and it's been an amazing journey. Some of my trips have been solo (2 weeks in Japan etc) which were booked intentionally to force me to spend A LOT of time alone, assessing life and some of my/our habits; then also meeting new people and attempting to understand what's truly important. One of the realisations I came to on one of my trips (Sitting in Central Park, NYC, July 2013) was that we've become incredibly selfish, blame it on social media, society or human nature if you must but it's still the same. We seem to be obsessed with becoming famous and rich without spending too much time considering what value we can give. 

I'm not saying I wouldn't love a ton of money in the bank, however along the journey towards that goal I'd somehow like to positively impact people who I connect with and I don't see that as an impossible goal, especially if that's the intention of the journey in the first place.

I've smiled through language barriers in Japan, Danced with strangers in Thailand and connected with fellow nomads in South Africa. Observed fair wells in departure terminals and emotional hugs in the arrivals hall. I've read and implemented lessons from books which I believe have positively changed the course of my path; I likely know less than 000000.1% of what I 'should' know, however that 000000.1% might just be the percentage which changes someones perspective or situation.


The new aim and campaign is 'create and share'. Creating and sharing opportunities, motivation, positive energy (Inspiration, hopefully) and direction in the hope of helping people create a positive, healthy and happy journey through this thing called life. 

Thankfully, throughout life I've found it pretty easy and almost automatic to navigate great interactions with positive people, I put it down to the law of attraction or just plain 'coincidence' as some like to call it. However I've decided to begin actively searching for positive and friendly people to connect with in order to create and share good times as well as opportunity.

This site is my base, not only to share my personal journey but to connect with and attract more people to fact that we can still prosper without being completely selfish. Why can't we all win! (Maybe it's a pipe dream)


Through this site I intend to:

A) Get my network into one place whilst growing it.

B) Promote positive change, be it a small change in someones perspective or a large change in circumstances by connecting people who should be connected.

C) Create and facilitate opportunity through those who're connected. The more  people connected the more success and relevant this entire thing becomes.

Every message, newsletter or post from this site might be be pertinent to you, however it could be to someone in your network so don't keep it to yourself, share it.

I'm not trying the wheels of the bus, I'm trying to be the engine.

This is WHO Mike is.

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