Who are you and what are you good at?

First things first! I can't even begin to attempt to connect the right people if I have no starting point; so I'll need a little something from YOU!

I always get "Hey Mike, do you know anyone who can......" at which point I usually scratch my bald head! Being honest, I just don't know/can't remember what each person in my circle/network is good at! Let's change that so I'm in a better position to connect good people.

Q: What's your area of expertise?

It doesn't have to be your day job; It can be if you want, however it could also be a passion that you've become an expert in over the years. Keep in mind that this site is about creating happiness so if you have a skill that's worth someone paying for, put that down!

Side note: 

This doesn't mean you'll be asked to do anything for free either! That's not how this works, lol. I respect time and effort put into someone becoming an expert/specialist in anything so will I connect anyone for potential freebies - No.... 

Do not be whack/slow/unprofessional or just a plain idiot about it all lol. I'll validate your skill or specialism when the time comes for me to recommend since I don't want a custard pie in my face! That'd be embarrassing for both of us, hehe.

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