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Where do I start! 

Over the last few years I've been enjoying life and travelling around the world a little. I typically don't keep track of how many places I've been to (no value to me) however I do recall every experience which often has the place attached to it. Friends have always told me to document the journey but if I'm truthful, I never thought people would actually be that interested; I guess I was wrong.

I started a sporadic blog a day or two before heading to Japan and realised that people were actually engaged. Problem was, I wasn't ready and had no true aim. I've shut up shop and moved into somewhere a little more comfortable in line with my dreams.

This website is here to offer travel inspiration, information, motivation and information that might help other people move through life with as much enjoyment as I've been doing. It only works if you CONNECT. Connect to be updated, connect because you feel that by doing so you/we can motivate, inspire, offer opportunity to other people. 

A success story, job opportunity, inspiration, a way to offer people something etc. Have a think about what the 'benefit' is and then hit me up with the idea, I'm willing to connect with as many positive people for as long as it takes. 

I might be in the driving seat but it's a long journey and the bus holds a lot of people.

Mike Bigz



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